Posted by: michaelhanegan | September 29, 2008

Missional Living isn’t an Accident

I write this with a couple of things being understood: (1) That I can be hard on some of the missional literature that I read and experience and (2) that I am not an expert or nearly as engrossed in “the conversation” as I would like to be.

With that being said I would like to expound upon why missional living isn’t by accident.

  1. Missional living is not by accident because salvation and sanctification are neither incidental nor accidental occurrences. People (contrary sometimes to what their actions say) do not become more like Jesus based upon how long they have been in church, or Bible class, or even in some capacity of ministry. Scripture makes it abundantly clear that if we are genuine in our relationship with Him (Jesus) it requires that we walk (or live) just as He did. It’s not an accident.
  2. Missional living is not by accident because it requires a rich and ever expanding vision of the Gospel and the Missio Dei. Becoming more and more familiar with the gospels (for example the physicality of Jesus…what he touched and saw, his posture, etc.) is a key to becoming more missional. Secondly, it is impossible to become more aware of and more aligned with the Missio Dei by default or accident.

Understanding that there is no such thing as becoming accidentally missional I want to commit myself to the following goals:

  1. A more regular and reflective reading of the Gospels.
  2. A greater commitment to and better understanding of contemplative prayer.
  3. A greater willingness to seek my place in the Missio Dei no matter the sacrifices, challenges, or opposition.

What are some other things that we can or need to do to become more intentionally missional?


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