Posted by: snhelton | October 1, 2008

On Being A Disciple of Jesus

Often we describe being a disciple of Jesus in terms of what “Christendom” has taught us about what it means be a good Christian. Show up for church. Read our Bibles. Say our prayers. Etc. Occasionally we get deeper, seeking to do what Jesus did (remember WWJD bracelets). So we move out a bit more to do a kind deed for those who don’t have what we do. And all of these we should perhaps do, but it seems to me that being a disciple of Jesus is more than just what we do but what we are (or, at least, hope to become).

The path to becoming a “real” disciple of Jesus is to focus on those things which Jesus was passionate about. If you begin this quest, you will be surprised to discover that most of what we take as the trapping of being a good Christian concerned Jesus little. What did, in fact, concern Jesus? For one, Jesus was passionate about the kingdom of God. Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God with urgency and with a sense that everything else would make sense if you get this one concept right: Seek first his kingdom…

So take a few moments, and make a list of what you believe Jesus was passionate about. How would your life change if you were passionate about the same things?



  1. I’ve read this post and “What does it Mean to be Missional?” You touch on some serious matters in a few profound words. I have found few, so far, who are engaged in the essential issues.

    I believe the Church in the world today has completely lost sight of its purpose and mandate. It is called to express, in real and observable ways, the very life, nature and ways of God; AND it is called to be fully given over to His purposes and agenda… the calling out of a people unto His coming, eternal kingdom of righteousness.

    And No! I am not into Dominionism, in case you were about to ask.

    God’s people should be DEMONSTRATING, not only talking about the fact that there is a resurrected, ascended King enthroned in the heavens, who NOW has all authority, and proving they are a part of a new race of man, one that is fit for this Kingdom.

    From what I’ve seen, you use few words to express important things. I use many on my site, because I believe there is so much we need to see and reckon with concerning the Church, its purpose and calling, and how it has basically departed from knowing and living out truth.

    Visit if you’re willing. I am seeking to become part of a community of real disciples worldwide, although I am outside the organized, institutional framework, and am reasonable sure I will remain so.

    Grace on your journey.

  2. Gene,

    Thanks for your comment on my post; we have much in common as far as these posts go, I look forward to hearing more from you as we journey.


  3. Stan,

    Thanks for your response. What do you mean exactly by, “We have much in common AS FAR AS THESE POSTS GO”?

    Since you know my name, I take it you took a look at my site. Have you had a chance to read through it at all?

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