Posted by: dvdbrumley | November 4, 2008

An Election Day Prayer

Dear God,
You are so wonderful. You have filled my life with happiness and joy even though I do not deserve it. You have blessed even though I have made choices in the past that were worthy of your punishment. I am unequipped to fathom the depths of your love, knowledge, and power. You have shaped the world around me to be one in which I can glorify you and have given me the wisdom to know that I must. You are amazing.
I come before you today as a sinner who falls short in so many areas each day. Specifically today I confess the sin of not trusting in you totally. God I have allowed myself to be caught up in the political fervor of our age and of not allowing my faith in you to shine through when discussing the election. Father, when trying to inform people of the facts in this election I have failed to remind people, including myself, that a true faith in you should prevent any fear or concern over what will come on this earth. I have allowed my unfaithfulness to be covered behind the guise of fear for my children’s future and I have not taken the time to explain to my children that no matter what happens, it is Your great and Holy will. I have failed to take the opportunity to share my faith in You during each individual conversation I have had regarding this election and I have not reminded my fellow Christian brothers and sisters that no matter who is elected we are commanded by You to respect and follow that man or woman. Please forgive me Father.
Holy God, thank you for allowing me to live in a country where I can pray these words with no fear of state repercussions. Thank you for blessing my life with a wife and children who not only help me to love You but who I can see You in. Thank you for giving me this much time on this Earth and for making Yourself known to me and giving me a mission. Thank you for Your Holy word and the knowledge and comfort that is provided within the Bible. Thank you for giving me a church family that listens to Your will and that strives to make Your presence known on this Earth. Thank you for making me part of the kingdom. Thank you for the blood of Your Son and for it’s ability to not only restore me but all who are willing to come to You with a humble heart.
Father, I ask You today to please bring me closer to Your will. Give me the peace to know that no matter what happens in the election of today that Your will is shining through and let me know Your continued will for me as an individual in this nation. Father, please help me to remember that my citizenship is not in this town, state, country, or world. Please help me to remember. Please help me to serve. Please help me to remain respectful of my country’s leaders and to allow Jesus Christ to shine through my attitudes and words used when discussing such. Father, please allow my family to continue to grow in Your grace. Father, help me to love you, make me a servant, and use me up for your purposes.

In Jesus’ holy and pure name


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