Posted by: WesWoodell | November 26, 2008

Coming and Going – good article from

Check out the article “Coming and Going” posted today at

The writer of the article had a sit down with Neil Cole and Ed Young Jr. – two very different leaders with very different outlooks on how the mission of God should be carried out.

Neil Cole is the founder of Church Multiplication Associates and writer of Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens (good book, btw).

Ed Young Jr. is the senior pastor of Fellowship Church– a multi-site, satellite-linked megachurch with four campuses in the Dallas metroplex and a fifth in Miami, FL.

I had some fun with this post the other day (and hope you did too), but just for clarification: I see value in what each of these men, and others like them, are doing. I don’t know that one model is necessarily better than the other. They have the same core goal in mind (to help people know Jesus); they’re simply different. 

I do, however, know that one model will resonate more or less with different people. In other words, the megachurch model will work splendidly for some, while the simple church model will work splendidly for others.

Rather than polarize the reading audience here by advocating one over the other (there are pros and cons with both), are there any creatives out there that can think of ways we could weave these models together?

Please take some time to read the article and do a bit of thinking out loud in the form of a comment.

How could a new church plant utilize concepts or methods from each model – simple church and megachurch – to carry out the mission of God in their community?



  1. As I reflect on the many reasons I have for being thankful, I am definitely moved to give God thanks and praise for the light shining from this community. May God’s richest blessings continue flow through you to enlighten and enrich the lives of others.

    Love in the Lord,
    Bill Williams

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