Posted by: mattdabbs | December 11, 2008

Too Important to Be Shy

I am an introvert. You may not know it if you spend some time with me but I am. When I was a kid I lived out in the country and there weren’t any other kids around except my older brother. He didn’t care for sports so I would go out in the yard and play baseball by myself. I really didn’t mind it because I was shy to begin with. I found out in college that being an introvert was great for the gift of study. It didn’t bother me a bit to stay in my room at Harding for hours and hours doing homework and studying for tests. In my years at Harding I made two trips to Little Rock and none to Memphis for entertainment. Deep down inside I am about as introverted as they come.

When I was in graduate school in Gainesville, I heard a guest speaker one Sunday night at church say that shy people didn’t really have to share the Gospel. They could use other talents for God besides talking to people about Jesus. When he was done I lovingly shared with him the fact that I was an introvert but I didn’t mind sharing Jesus with people. He said, “You don’t seem like an introvert to me.” I didn’t mind being so non-introvert like by walking up to him and sharing my view because I thought it was an important thing to do. I told him that when we think things are important we will find a way to talk about them. Take the biggest introvert who is a sports fan and talk about their favorite team around them and how extroverted they become. Why? Because the subject is important to them. Sharing the Gospel is for all of God’s people because the message is too important not to share. We all have comfort zone issues to overcome and we cannot let that keep people from hearing about Jesus. When the message is important we will find a way to share it.



  1. In my estimation, you are right on target with this one, Matt. Speaking as a non-introvert, I also have come to the conclusion that I must be very intentional about sharing my faith. I am comfortable engaging people in conversation and just letting it run along in whatever direction it flows. May God give us both the wisdom we need to serve as His instruments in leading others into a closer walk with Him.

  2. amen, Matt

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