This blog is a collaborative project for missional thinkers and practitioners in Churches of Christ and those who also would like to learn more about God’s missional vision for the people of God. All the contributors on this blog are members of Churches of Christ and like all of us are on the journey to discovering what it means to be the people of God participating in His mission wherever we find ourselves.

This blog exists to generate conversation from a diverse group of individuals who have a variety of experiences, hopes, and dreams for God’s people. We are all interested in helping God’s people to recover their missional identity and feel especially called to help those from our religious heritage, Churches of Christ. Most of all however, we desire to be the people of God who are simply known as followers of Jesus fulfilling our role in the mission of God.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor on this blog please contact Michael Hanegan with your WordPress login name, a short bio, a pic, and what you feel your contribution to this project would be.

For more information on the contributors to this blog check out the contributors page.

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