Michael Hanegan

Michael is married to Kris. He and Kris have one son, Samuel Malachi, and another, Noah Gideon coming in January. Michael studied Bible and Ministry at Oklahoma Christian University and is hoping to begin graduate work under Dr. Craig Blomberg at Denver Seminary in the near future on a missional reading of Luke-Acts or the theological foundations of the Restoration Movement as an entry point into the missional conversation. His specific interests in the missional conversation are missional models of spiritual formation and hermeneutics. Eventually, Michael hopes to pursue a PhD in Missional Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary under Dr. Darrell Guder.

Stan Helton

Stan serves as the Academic Dean at Western Christian College in Regina, Saskatchewan. He is completing his DMin in Missional Ecclesiology at Abilene Christian University. Stan’s interests in the missional conversation among other things include spiritual formation and the renovation of theological education towards a more holisitic and missional approach.

Virgil Hammontree

Virgil is a graduate of Trevecca University and the Theological University of America.  He has been trying to do Evangelism for many years.  He had tried many creative ways to fail and has slowly found a few ways to be effective.  They mostly include prayer and listening.  He is presently in Henderson, KY with a storefront church trying to figure out what God wants to accomplish in Western Kentucky. He is NOT trying to save the world anymore…just creating a dialogue with a few people here and there.

Tim Spivey

Tim serves Christ as the Senior Minister for the North County Church of Christ in Escondido, California–where he lives with his wife, Emily and their two daughters. In recent years, Tim has become an innovative leader among the Churches of Christ in the areas of Hispanic and Anglo church planting, strategic church partnerships, church growth, and the multi-site concept. He is the author of Jesus: The Powerful Servant, and the forthcoming book, Jesus: The Word Made Flesh. Tim holds the BA, MS, and MDIV degrees from Pepperdine University, and is completing a Doctor of Ministry degree from Abilene Christian University in Church Leadership.

Wes Woodell

Wes and Airiel Woodell have been happily married since May 28 of 2005. Before saying their vows to one another, they dedicated their marriage to Christ agreeing they would serve Him for the rest of their earthly lives. Since then, Wes and Airiel have continued to do what they love – lead others to Jesus. The Woodells have two children – Naomi, 2, and Conrad, 1. Wes is a graduate of Harding University’s Center for Advanced Ministry Training, and during his time in school he and Airiel planted an evangelistic ministry in Searcy, AR, known as the Church at the Underground – a group of young adults focused on reaching the lost that meet for worship at a local coffeeshop and in small groups throughout the week. As a result of their work, many in that community have come to know Jesus. Wes is the founder and administrative director of Campus Ministry United – an organization dedicated to enriching existing campus ministries as well as planting new ones. They hope to plant an active, sustainable, evangelistically effective campus ministry in San Francisco, CA, serving San Francisco State University’s 30,000+ students as well as the other 200,000+ in the bay area.

Chip Kooi

Chip serves as an associate professor of theology at Oklahoma Christian University where he teaches both theology and church history courses. He is married to Mendy and they have three sons. Chip is interested in the Church Fathers as well as church history and how it guides us in the missional conversation.

Matt Dabbs

Matt serves as the associate minister at the Northwest Church of Christ in St. Petersburg where he works with adult education, involvement, young professionals, and LIFE groups. He is married to the woman of his dreams, Missy. They have been married four years and will have their first child, Jonah, in November. Matt is interested in spiritual formation and the transition of congregations from institutional to missional.

David Duncan

David serves as the Pulpit Minister at the Memorial Church of Christ in Houston, Texas. After completing a Master’s degree, David and his wife moved to Vitoria, Brazil as part of a four-family mission team to plant a church there. They served there from 1992-1999 during which their two girls, Anna Beth and Emma were born. David is especially interested in missional leadership at the pastoral level as well as across the congregation.

Jonathan Hanegan

Jonathan serves as a missionary in Caracas, Venezuela and works primarily with the East Caracas Church of Christ. He also works on a regular basis with the churches of Christ in neighboring Colombia. He holds degrees in Missions and Spanish from Oklahoma Christian University and a diploma in Portuguese from the Brazilian Embassy in Caracas. His interests include foreign languages, intercultural communication and sharing Christ cross-culturally.

Marvin Crowson

Marvin serves as the Domestic Missionary in Residence at Harding University. He leads a ministry called Outreach America at Harding that trains college students to do church planting, and church growing/revitalization after leaving school. He is thrilled to be a part of the missional conversation with his experience in church planting, team building, and domestic missions.

David Brumley

David serves as a deacon and youth minister for the Kingsville Church of Christ in Detroit, Alabama. He is completing a master’s in psychology and hopes to open his own faith-based recovery and counseling center. His passions in life are God, his wife, and his two (soon to be three) sons. He is particularly interested in how people can be formed or reformed into a missional lifestyle.

Justin Bronson

Justin is blessed to be married to his best bud Rachel. They recently returned from a year in China where they taught English and led disciples in the Way.  Currently Justin is an M.Div. student at Asbury Theological Seminary and loves discussing philosophy, ethics, and practical theology. He also enjoys spending time with the homeless in Lexington. Justin and Rachel are currently attending the Southside Church of Christ in Lexington, KY. Justin has a particular interest in church unity and finding ways to bring the Body of Christ together while challenging all members to dig deeper into what it looks like to be a disciple of the Risen Messiah.

Anthony Gill

Anthony is an ex-Mormon, ex-agnostic who was baptized at age 21 by Jeff Walling at a youth rally at Lipscomb in Feb 1994. Ironic, because until the school year started, he’d been homeless in Nashville since early October. The Lipscomb community took him in and embraced him. It took several years for him to realize just how special and gracious this was. Now he teaches bible classes at the Holly Hill Church of Christ in Frankfort, KY, and prays for continued grace to share the message of freedom in Christ with believers and non-believers alike.

gailyn1Gailyn Van Rheenen

Gailyn Van Rheenen served as a church-planting missionary to East Africa for 14 years, taught Missions and Evangelism at Abilene Christian University for 17 years, and is the founder and Facilitator of Church Planting of Mission Alive.



  1. I like this idea of a “missional” approach. I have been orienting my thoughts and teaching around it intentionally since 2004 when I heard Mark Love speak at Lipscomb. But in reality I have been occupied with it for a much longer period. We have many resources to assist us in the endeavor.


    V. H. Hammontree, D. Min.

  2. This is a really good idea and I hope it will spark something great.

  3. I’m with Virgil and Matt. I hope what you’re doing here turns out to be a real blessing. I, for one, will be back to read more.

  4. I am really exited about this as well. Maybe we are having a re-restoration movement of sorts, but this time the heart of the matter will hopefully take precedent. I hope this blog will add some valuable input to the conversation.

  5. I am excited by how stimulating this conversation has already been. Hopefully we will continue to be adding capable contributors in the coming weeks and months and will be able to create an opportunity to get together in person and discuss these things sometime next summer.

  6. Interesting Blog. I’ll keep coming back. Thanks for your thoughts.

  7. […] Reading Scripture Missionally by Michael Hanegan (Ministry leader of communications at Northwest Church of Christ) Article at The Outpost, a Collaborative Missional Community of Churches of Christ. Missional Order and Missional Monastics by Brother Maynard (a mysterious figure, an enigma shrouded in mystery, you will have to visit his blog site subversive influence to discover more about him.) […]

  8. Is it just me, or do women not think missionally? I just noticed all the contributors are blokes.

  9. Good to see this among our heritage, looks like some pretty well trusted contributors! Thank you for all you do!!

  10. I really enjoyed reading your article, keep up writing such interesting articles!!

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