This page contains an ever-growing list of links, blog posts, books, and other materials that will aid you in navigating the missional conversation. Some posts are listed for their contribution to this conversation. Others will be listed as simply insightful or indicative of how certain people or groups react to their perceptions of what a missional orientation is really all about. The purpose of this page is to keep you informed, and for those who are newer to this “conversation” to be a loose guide as you navigate the sometimes confusing and often abused or distorted message that flows from the mission of God.

If you are aware of a good resource that is not listed please email Michael Hanegan or leave a comment on this page.



Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America
edited by Darrell L. Guder

Treasure in Clay Jars: Patterns in Missional Faithfulness
edited by Lois Y. Barrett

The Continuing Conversion of the Church
by Darrell L. Guder

The Church Between Gospel and Culture: The Emerging Mission in North America
edited by George R. Hunsberger and Craig Van Gelder

The Incarnation and the Church’s Witness
by Darrell L. Guder

The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21st Century
by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch

The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative
by Christopher J. H. Wright

Salvation Belongs to Our God: Celebrating the Bible’s Central Story
by Christopher J. H. Wright

Living at the Crossroads: An Introduction to Christian Worldview
by Michael W. Goheen and Craig G. Bartholomew

The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story
by Michael W. Goheen and Craig G. Bartholomew

The Gospel in a Pluralist Society
by Lesslie Newbigin

Foolishness to the Greeks: The Gospel and Western Culture
by Lesslie Newbigin

The Open Secret: An Introduction to the Theology of Mission
by Lesslie Newbigin

Breaking the Missional Code: Your Church Can Become a Missionary in Your Community
by Ed Stetzer and David Putman

The Missional Leader: Equipping Your Church to Reach a Changing World
by Alan J. Roxburgh and Fred Romanuk

The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church
by Alan Hirsch

Compelled by Love: The Most Excellent Way to Missional Living
by Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation

Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture
by Michael Frost

Comeback Churches: How 300 Churches Turned Around and Yours Can Too
by Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson

Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church (Not Yet Published)
by Reggie McNeal

Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling
by Andy Crouch

Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church
by N. T. Wright

Blog Articles

Four Essentials for the Western Church in the 21st Century
(Notes from a presentation made by Alan Hirsch at GRTS)

Craig Van Gelder on the Missional Church

Newbigin on Cross Cultural Transmission of the Bible

Darrell Guder on the Promise and Threat of Missional Theology

A Word Study of “Ekklesia” by William Mounce

Missional Leadership Development

Missional Theology for a Missional Church (Darrell Guder)

Darrell Guder Challenges Churches to Define Missional

Simply Missional in Neue

Newbigin on the Church as the Hermeneutic of the Gospel

Andreas Kostenberger’s Twelve Theses on the Mission of the Church in the 21st Century

The Church as Sent: Five Important Thoughts from David Bosch

Living the Mission – What is the Mission?

Triune Love: The Roots of a Missional Theology by John Mark Hicks

The Kingdom of God by Mike Cope

Communion and Translation: Searching for a Trinitarian Missional Theology

Missional Misstep

The Leadership Structure of Earliest Christianity – Was it Hierarchial by Ben Witherington III

The Newbigin Triad

Is Missional Theological or Ecclesiological?

Willimon on Mission vs. Maintenance

Tim Keller on the Gospel

Lesslie Newbigin and the GOCN

History of the Missional Church Conversation

Empirical Indicators of Missional Church

Missional Faith and the Role of Questions

Blogs about all things Missional



David Bosch as Public Theologian

Missiology then Ecclesiology


N. T. Wright on the Postmodern Church

Francis DuBose on “Missional”

Ed Stetzer on “Comeback Churches” and Becoming Missional with the Assemblies of God

David Fitch on Missional Order Church Planting

What is Missional? by Michael Frost

Brian McLaren on Becoming a Missional Christian

Networking and Missional Resources

Audio from the Total Church Conference

A Huge List of Articles on Missional Hermeneutics from



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